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Click here to see royal dining room set by Mnetha, on sale at the Pumpkin Hill Resturant above Aurora, for the benefit of Peachtown School
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Winged Chair Art and Interiors by Mnetha
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The Long History of a Small Island.

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Josh Max's Outfit, with Julie James Gang stayed at Edgewood Place Thursday October 2 You should have been here to see us slapping our knees. We hated to see him, it, and them go (not the knees, but the ouftit) Wore leather pants out. Vynil Jacket Yodelopera Wow. Back soon.
Edgewood Ledger/ Loon Star Gazette update, and news letter.

Erie Light in East Hill Ithaca Cemetery
High, hip, lower Collegetown
Roofs of Tompkins County
Cascadilla and other Ithaca area gorges
Random Acts of Hazel
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Man Sees Erie Light in East Hill Cemetery
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Ithaca is Water Garden
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Sea-Torn Veil:

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