Acts of Hazel

Because we are far enough inland, we never get hurricanes here. Except for Hurricane Hazel in 1952

Hazel was kind enough to fell this giant Elm neatly between our house and the neighbors, breaking only one of their porch windows and brushing our rose arbbor.

Hazel also provided special opportunities for curious me.
The Day after the bi g wind, big brother Herb and I wandered around with his camera, documenting and enjoying the damage, especially to cars.

For this car, Hazl was a real door opener.

Hazel felled and loaded, but did not saw up this tree. The sawing was done was done by a man with an early model chain saw the size of a small motorcycle.
If you moved the house, this tree would fall down.
Showing why they now put the visor on the inside of cars.
Breaking and entering
Me, with blown and flown, former State Street roof.
See larger, Our House and someone elses car, in eye of Hazel