Loon Island Star Archives
Now that you have pentetrated this far I have to admit that there is another reason that the Loon Island Star is inactive. Which is that I have not been to Loon Island in two years and only know by hearsay what is going on there. Someday soon we hope to get out some new issues, and someday too, we hope we can invite you to visit us there as well as at Edgewood Place. For now, take a look at some selected shorts from some primitive early editions of the old Star, produced back during the early days of publishing technology when pretty much the whole thing was done by the etch-a -sketch method.
The Bad Weather Edition, containing an account of the out of body experience of the Adirondack Geological Survey explorer Colvin The Island Map Edition, with an accoubnt of our Aqua board invention and the world it discovered
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